A cello by Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andrea, c.1710-15 included in the 2021 VSA Convention's Rare Instrument Exhibit featuring Duane Rosengard, Christopher Reuning & Philip Kass

Save the Date!
This year's VSA Convention and Competition will be held November 13-19, 2022 in Garden Grove, CA (near Anaheim). 
Registration and hotel info is coming soon. 

The VSA 48th Annual Convention, Request for Proposals

Deadline: May 20, 2022

Conference Dates: November 13-19, 2022

Conference venue: Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove, CA (near Anaheim)

The Violin Society of America’s mission is to promote the art and science of making, repairing and

preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. Membership in the VSA is open to all who share

an interest in the violin, viola, cello, bass and their bows. The objective of this year’s convention is to

provide a forum for VSA members to share information and interact with others who reflect this broad

and diverse range of interests and concerns.

Convention participants are interested in hearing about their colleagues’ work and learning more about

all aspects of bowed instrument and bow-related topics including:

● Craftsmanship, techniques and methods for makers and restorers

● Acoustics, practical and theoretical

● Innovation, including materials and business development

● Identification of and history of instruments and various making schools

● History of making and restoration

● Instrument related business issues and best practices

● Independent research

● Outreach to players: instrument maintenance, purchase, instrument set-up and adjustment

● Presentations may include, but are not limited to, work that has been grant-funded

The 2022 VSA Program Committee is now requesting proposals for presentations of VSA members’ best

practices and techniques that support the goals and purposes of the Society. Specific technical methods

that can be effectively presented in a group session are encouraged. Technical presentations that are

more effectively presented in smaller groups will be given appropriate presentation space in the

customary Open Forum.

Click here for the full RFP form with more details! 

Founded in 1973, the Violin Society of America is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. The Violin Society Of America reflects a broad range of interests and concerns of those interested in violins and the art of making instruments and bows of the violin family.

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