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November 11, 2020
Digital Amati: Software for Francois Denis' Traite de Lutherie; a tutorial by Harry Mairson

November 12, 2020
Oberlin Acoustics Workshop Day One Sessions

Jim Woodhouse - The state of the art in violin acoustics
Sam Zygmuntowicz - Snapshots of sound
Joseph Curtin - The search for an objective definition of violin quality
Claudia Fritz - Some results of a series of listening tests about projection 

November 13, 2020
Oberlin Acoustics Workshop Day Two Sessions

Colin Gough - From free plates to assembled violin
George Stoppani - Exploring Violin Plates as 3 region systems
Thomas Nania - Archtop Guitar Dynamics
Evan Davis - What about the Cello? 

November 14, 2020
VSA Pre-Recorded Sessions
VSA Live Q&A Sessions

Rob Juzek: Metropolitan Music History and Lessons Learned
Lori Kirr: International Violin History and Lessons Learned
Carlo Chiesa: Milanese Making
Matt Wehling: The Impact of Voirin
Bettina Hoffmann & Timothy G. Johnson: A Conversation About the Viol
Joshua Beyer & Jean-Philippe Echard: The Strad La Clapisson Pochette
Alex Weidner: Howard Core History and Lessons Learned
Regional Associations Panel
Gregg Alf: Recent Research on the Strad Messiah
National Music Museum 

November 15, 2020
VSA Pre-Recorded Sessions
VSA Live Q&A Sessions

Jake Connolly: Connolly Music History and Lessons Learned
Xia Jin: GEWA Music History and Lessons Learned
Philip Kass: Lutherie in the Age of Covid
Ben Hebbert: Northern European Violin Makers
John Alberti: Innovation in Tool Design
Bruno Price & Colin Maki: Fine Instruments Exhibit
Jerry Lynn: The Use of CNC in Restoration
Daniel Jobe & Alan Friedman: FKCO - Essential Tools for String Businesses
Constructing the Future: Alternative Materials Panel
Robert McIntosh: Setting a Bass Neck
Edwin Halloran: Using Photography to Reproduce to Reproduce F-holes

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